I've been seeing it for a couple weeks on Facebook and every time I see it, it gives me all the nostalgic feels for Christmas. Remember Santa Bear? With his knitted Christmas colored hat and scarf? He was first introduced to us by the Minnesota founded department store Dayton's, back in 1985. I was only four years old at that time, but I will always remember when Santa Bear came around. Did you have one? Do you still have one?

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The first year they came out, my grandparents on my mom's side of the family, lived in Moorhead, Minnesota and were very close to a Dayton's. My grandpa always being a very thrifty shopper, made it a point to spend $25 that year to get the bear for only $10. Who knew back then it would become so iconic.

My mom was gifted the original Santa Bear for Christmas that year. But being a lover of stuffed animals, I sort of took him as mine. Mama Zee didn't mind. I treasured that bear and all its cuteness. There was a while, after I got older and didn't sleep with every single stuffed animal I had, that my mom had Santa Bear displayed on a shelf in her and das bedroom. Now I believe he only comes out for Christmas, but he lives on.

I know my story is one of many when it comes to Mr. Santa Bear. They did keep the tradition going for 23 years, it sadly ended in 2007. I was reminded of Santa Bear the other day again, when I was on Facebook and I came across this post from Minnesota Awesome:

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Feeling a little nostalgic, I texted Mama Zee to make sure for certain that Santa Bear is safe and sound. Good news, he is. Looking up a little more about this festive bear, I am learning, a little late, that Santa Bear was actually brought back this year after a 15 year hiatus. The Dayton's Project brought back a limited supply of these wonderful holiday bears this year. Thinking it would be fun to get my hands on one, I'm a little late to the game. They sold out. However they did say you can still order one, but it must be in person at their store Downtown Minneapolis.

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For those curious if you can order online, they wrote specifically on their website:

Unfortunately, we do not have an online option available. Orders can only be taken in person right now at The Departments at Dayton's Winter Market at 700 Nicollet Ave on the first floor of The Dayton's Project. The market is open on Monday through Saturday from 10 AM - 6 PM and on Sundays from 11 AM - 5 PM between now and January 13, 2023.

So if you want one, that's what I would suggest. As for me, I think I'm going to just enjoy heading back home and giving my original Santa Bear a little squeeze, for old time sake. Merry Christmas!

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