SARTELL -- The next phase in the Pinecone Road Improvement project could get the green light during Monday's city council meeting.

The council will look to approve the plans and authorize bids for the reconstruction project.

City Engineer Jon Halter says the project from 15th Street North to 35th Street North will be completed in stages.

"The first phase of the project will involve construction between 15th Street North and 27th Street North and also construction from 35th Street North and 40th Street North. Phase two of this project is the construction of 27th Street North to 35th Street North."

Some of the improvements include a single lane roundabout at 27th Street North and 35th Street North, pedestrian crossing at 27th Street North, 3/4 access for the High School Entrance, trails on the east side of Pinecone Road from 15th Street North to 27th Street North and school zone signage.

Halter says even with a project this size they still hope to have it completed by this fall.

"We want to get the work done as soon as we can. It is a large construction project to complete in one construction season, but I think it's doable. I think we should have it substantially completed by this fall."

If approved Halter says they would start the project by early June and completed by November.

The project is estimated at $5.6-million.

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