ST. CLOUD - The future of Medicare has been a hot topic on the campaign trail this election season. St. Cloud financial adviser Mark Reimer says he believes Medicare is a good system, and a necessary benefit for seniors.

Its not a high deductible, there's no deductible in most cases. Just simple co-pays to go see the doctor or go into the hospital. And so it's a very good plan.

Reimer says there are some big changes coming to Medicare here in the Midwest for the "cost plans". He says the biggest concern that people have is the skyrocketing cost for drugs.

You used to be able to spend $50 a month on a drug, now I saw the other day a gal was in my office and it was $600 for that one drug. It's a very popular drug. So, you're looking at $7,000 a year for that one drug.

Also, as more of us continue to get closer and closer to retirement, is Social Security going to be an option for us?  Reimer says he believes Social Security checks will be there, but the government will have to make some adjustments.

For every dollar going out there's only .75 cents coming in. So there's going to have to be some adjustments in Social Security.

Reimer says the cost of living increases for Social Security have been scaled back in recent years.

Meanwhile, with company pensions now a thing of the past, Reimer says you need to take advantage of your company's 401K match.

Nowdays most companies don't have pensions anymore, but they will contribute to a 401K. So you need to be contributing to a 401K and get them matching dollars to build up your own nest egg. Because pensions are gone and Social Security is going to be a smaller part of the equation when it comes to your retirement.

Reimer is teaching a one-day District 742 Community Education class on Tuesday, October 4th called "Medicare & Social Security".

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