HOLLYWOOD - Today (Tuesday) on the News @ Noon Show on WJON I talked with Henry Bushkin.  He's the author of a new book titled "Johnny Carson".

Bushkin was the late night TV show hosts lawyer from 1970 until Carson fired him in 1988.

In the first segment below Bushkin describes how he became Carson's lawyer in 1970, as Carson was breaking into his wife's apartment - a love nest Mrs. Carson shared with Frank Gifford.

In the next segment below Bushkin talks about Carson's history of infidelity, and how his skirt-chasing resulted in the mob putting a hit out on him.

In this next segment Bushkin talks about how Carson was very private when he wasn't on the set of the Tonight Show.  He was often uncomfortable with individuals.

Below is a YouTube clip of a Tonight Show episode featuring Doc Severinsen: