ST. CLOUD -- For many teens, the struggles of relationships and body image are an everyday challenge. But for teens who identify as LGBTQ+, those challenges can be even more difficult to overcome.

The Village Family Service Center is starting a new therapy group where LGBTQ+ teens in St. Cloud can learn how to address those issues.

Sam Schofield is a licensed marriage and family therapist with the Village Family Service Center. She says Pride Teens is meant as a safe supportive place to teens to learn with one another about themselves.

"We're really just trying to meet the needs of the kids. We have some ideas of topics we want to cover, but if our group has other questions we will do our best to accommodate those as well."

The group begins on January 8th at the Village Family Service Center in downtown St. Cloud. Schofield says the group is about getting the conversation started.

"We're going to be talking about healthy identity, and other topics that impact these teens on a daily basis."

Pride Teens is a 10-week course open to youth ages 13-18, to help address the daily challenges of identity, relationships and more.

To register for Pride Teens you're asked to call The Village Family Service Center at 320-253-5930.

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