BECKER -- A long-time Becker restaurant is coming back to life, with the help of its new owner.

The Hideout Bar & Grille is now under the ownership Rowan Brown. So far, he's already made several restaurant improvements.

"We've made a lot of changes to staff, service [expectations] and food quality."

One of the biggest changes to The Hideout is its new menu. It now features three different types of cuisines.

"We came up with an Asian, Jamaican, and an All-American menu."

Of the three, Asian and Jamaican dishes seem to be the most sought after.

"So our pad thai is one of our fastest sellers, our rasta pasta or jerk chicken [is a favorite]. Pretty much everything on the menu that is away from the American menu, which is surprising, is going pretty fast."

Brown took over the restaurant six weeks ago, he says his goal has been clear from the start, he wants to make sure each guest has a positive experience. Saying service is his number one priority.

Brown says people in the area have welcomed him and his team with open arms.

"We just want to say thanks to the community. Thanks to the Big Lake, Becker, Monticello communities for all of the support they have given us."

The Hideout Bar & Grille is on the corner of Highway 10 and County Road 11 in Becker.

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