If you are a fan of caramel apples in the fall, this drink that I had over the weekend will definitely be something that you would want to try for yourself. The best part is you don't necessarily have to go out to a bar to get it, you could probably just make one yourself. Check out this caramel apple sucker drink that I got over the weekend!

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM

My wife and I went out on Sunday morning, to grab a quick bite to eat and to have an adult beverage before we started in on our end-of-weekend chores. While we were out, I remembered that the place we were at, Dueling Brews in Becker, had a new drink that I kinda wanted to try. It was called a caramel apple sucker, and it featured apple flavors, a caramel-dipped rim, and one of those caramel apple suckers I remembered from grade school.

I have to admit this was a pretty sweet drink, and I don't think too many people could have more than 1, I guess if you really like very sweet things you could, but it was also really tasty.

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Sadly, I didn't think to take a picture of the ingredients for this particular drink, but I did look up a few recipes online, some are really simple to make with few ingredients and others are a bit more complicated. None however were this shade of green, so Jimmy at Dueling is onto something here.

If you are interested in making your own version of the drink check the two recipes I dropped below. One consists of two ingredients, and the other is a bit more complicated.

MyHeavenlyRecipes.com's recipe is super straightforward.

1.5 oz Crown Royal Apple Whisky

6 oz Honeycrisp Apple Cider or any apple cider

Fill your lowball glass with some ice cubes, and with the two ingredients above, stir together, enjoy.

This next one is more complicated but does incorporate the sucker from simplydarrling.com 

1.5 ounces Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka

3 ounces Apple Cider

1 ounce Club Soda

Cinnamon Sugar and caramel sauce for garnish

1 caramel apple sucker

  1. Rim the glass with caramel sauce and dip into a bowl of cinnamon sugar
  2. In a shaker, combine the apple cider and Smirnoff Green Apple Vodka
  3. Shake, shake, shake
  4. Strain into the martini glass and top with club soda

Or if you don't want to mess around making your own, you can stop by the place I got one in Becker. 

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