Four films will invoke four different reactions this week; love, laughter, lust and whatever that sick feeling is we get when we see a Tyler Perry film. For movie showtimes and online tickets visit our friends at Marcus Parkwood Cinemas.

People Like Us - Family, responsibility and ethics sneak up on a young fast-talking salesman after his father dies suddenly. Chris Pine takes on his first truly dramatic role and shines.

TedFamily Guy creator Seth McFarlane sets the bar pretty high with his first cinematic effort. A touching story about a boy, his talking Teddy Bear, hookers, weed and love.

Magic MikeChanning Tatum, Alex Pettyfer and Matthew McConaughey are male strippers. Really? Need we say more?

Madea’s Witness Protection – A Wall Street banker dodges a mob hit squad by going into witness protection at Madea’s house. We’re thinking that whatever the mob has planned couldn’t be worse than sitting through ANOTHER Tyler Perry movie. Just shoot us now.