ST. CLOUD -- New technology in wastewater management has many people excited.

"This is a pretty historic day for this facility," says Director of Public Services Patrick Shea.

A demonstration was held at the St. Cloud Wastewater Treatment Facility this (Tuesday) afternoon to talk about the latest break through.

Spectators had a chance to see and hear about Ostara's new Resource Recover Pilot project.

Scott Schafer is with Advance and Environmental Services. He says it was a long process to get the end result.

"We used a biological method to re-ferment some of the waste, get it to re-release the phosphorus and get a good stream that we could blend," says Schafer.

Ostara Regional Director Rich Schici says the project takes what is considered waste product and transforms it to a commercial grade fertilizer called Crystal Green.

"Crystal Green is a premium high quality fertilizer that is used on a variety of farms across North America," says Schici.

Shea says St. Cloud continues to lead the way in sustainability in Minnesota with new ideas like this.


Ostara's newest break through Crystal Green. (Photo: Alex Svejkovsky, WJON News)