Wildlife expert and naturalist Casey Anderson - Casey doesn't have an average job - he lives and breathes wildlife in all forms. Casey is the host of America the Wild, which returns this Sunday, (August 18), at 9 on Nat Geo WILD for another season of close encounters with wildlife in our backyards. A new season brings new adventures for this Montana boy and he joined me on air to talk about this Sunday's Season 8 premiere episode; Monster Wolf

Wolves have been around for centuries, but with so many variations in the wild, what’s really considered a wolf? Casey scours Canada’s wild West Coast for clues to reveal what is behind a rash of bold wolf behavior on Vancouver Island. He treks to Tofino, where wolves routinely push the limits of hunting and killing backyard pets. Rumor has it, Tofino’s wolves aren't typical wolves, but Casey wants to know if these so-called “monster wolves” are wolves at all. To uncover the truth, he heads north to track and observe the “fishing wolves,” perhaps the wildest and most genetically pure wolves in the world.

Then, in New Mexico, Casey is able to observe differences between purebred wolves, hybrid wolves and the broad spectrum of wolf-dogs that fall somewhere in-between. He’s putting his tracking skills to the test to reveal the truth about wolves.