ST. PAUL -- The Great Minnesota Get-Together will have more than just new food options for this year.

The State Fair's board of managers approved $11.1-million to be used for capital work and maintenance projects for this year's event.

Some of the projects include a new restroom, pet exhibition and demonstration area on the north side of the fairgrounds. As well as making improvements to the livestock complex and updating the ventilation system in the Sheep & Poultry Barn. The funds will also go into various upkeep projects and improvements to the State Fair's utilities and transportation infrastructure.

The funding is solely raised through the State Fair's operating revenue and grants from the Minnesota State Fair Foundation.

Also for this year, the oldest attraction, Ye Old Mill, has been sold to the fair. The fair will now operate the 102-year-old ride. The Keenan family had previously operated the ride for five generations.

Admission prices for this year's Great Minnesota Get-Together will stay the same as last year. The Minnesota State Fair will be August 23 - Labor Day.

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