SAUK RAPIDS -- A Minnesota family decided to sell their home in the Twin Cities, buy an RV and hit the road, all in an effort to fight against human trafficking.

Sean and Kay Levesque along with their three kids, Conner, Renae and Caden have been on the road for nine months. Sean says originally they thought they needed to travel out of the country.

"We decided a few years ago that we wanted to do more when it comes to raising awareness for human trafficking. We thought that would be going to a third world country somewhere, but one thing lead to another and we found ourselves feeling like we needed to do work here [in the U.S.]."

Their faith-based non-profit organization, Love 2 Hope was formed after Kay saw an eye-opening documentary on human trafficking.

"I was completely ruined, our daughter was five at the time and all I could do is picture her in situations like that. It just broke my heart."

The Levesque's say it all comes down to knowing about the issue, this is why their mission has been to spread awareness.

"We're traveling for two years, visiting the hot spots in America, where human trafficking is the worst. We spend about a month in each community."

Kay says it impossible for someone to do absolutely nothing once they are educated on the problem.

"If people are made aware of issues like I was six years ago, they'll be compelled to do something with their knowledge, you can't do nothing when now you know, there's a responsibility."

The family will visit churches, community organizations, schools and other civic groups to show statistics and paint a picture of how human trafficking is here in the United States.

"After talking about the statistics, we typically go into the how, how is this happening in our own neighborhoods? How is this happening in the St. Cloud area, down the streets?"

Sean says they also partner with other non-profits.

"So that when we speak to audiences we can point them back to the great non-profits, the boots on the ground."

Their stops also include volunteering, something their kids can't get enough of. Renae

"We serve at like soup kitchens, and make meals and the Salvation Army."

Since the beginning, all of the kids have been involved. Their youngest Caden actually was the one who thought of the name, Love 2 Hope, after watching a devotional video.

Caden - "I just said if I were going to name a ministry, I name it Love 2 Hope." Renae - "I thought it was absolutely a bad idea. I didn't know what it meant, like that's really not so good but then mom goes that's a brilliant idea!"

But the important part of Love 2 Hope, Kay says is people.

"Loving people leads to hope and when you have hope you love."

The Levesque's will be in the St. Cloud metro-area throughout most of June. Their next visit will be to Discovery Church in Sauk Rapids, Monday at 6:30 p.m. The event is free. If you would like to check out more of Love 2 Hope's events follow the link below.

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