CLEARWATER -- Although the flood warning for the Mississippi has been allowed to expire, the water levels remain high and the currents swift. Even so, Clear Waters Outfitting in Clearwater owner Dan Meer says the Mississippi River is still navigable below the St. Cloud dam. He says the river is high on its banks, but the water is considered "flat" between St. Cloud and Clearwater.

He says the Sauk River is another story.  Meer says only highly experienced white water paddlers should go out on the Sauk River. The Sauk River can be a very dangerous place for a novice right now.

He says it's important to assess your skill level before deciding whether to go out.

Clear Waters Outfitting sells and rents canoes, kayaks and paddle boards. Meer says it's always important to wear a life jacket and go out with an experienced paddler if you don't have any experience.

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