Drugs. They make people do some unbelievably dumb things, and often times the person under the influence has no idea what they are doing. One Bloomington resident might be looking for a new roommate after calling the cops after they found out candy was missing, the call for service resulted in the roommate being arrested for drug possession and outstanding warrants.

The post from the Bloomington Police Department reads:

BPD was called regarding a roommate dispute over theft of a chocolate bar. Upon arrival, it was determined the sugar tooth bandit had felony warrants for prior theft incidents. Also recovered on our candy crook was a red plastic straw with white residue, which unfortunately for her was not a pixy stix. The confectionery criminal was transported behind bars (not the sweet bars she had hoped for).

It's not clear if the offender stayed behind bars or ended up getting assigned a court date and then had to go back to the apartment...awkward.

My guess is that this person who called the cops knew their roommate had warrants or that the drugs would be found, why else would you call the cops over a candy bar?

I'm not sure I'd call the cops over a candy bar if my roommate ate it, I'd maybe complain, maybe do something passive-aggressive like eat something of theirs. If it continued to be an ongoing issue I'd probably leave and find a new roommate.

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