Ray Reco McNeary is expected to be taken into custody by Federal Marshals today for the attempted bank robbery and taking of hostages at the Wells Fargo Bank in St. Cloud last week.  Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall joined on WJON today.  She says McNeary was taken by St. Cloud FBI agents to Sherburne County per request by US Marshals.  Once he arrives at Sherburne’s federal holding facility, he will be in the custody of the USMS.  Kendall says McNeary never attended his bail hearing and was never out of custody after his arrest last Thursday.  Kendall says McNeary threatened the hostages last Thursday and held a scissors to the neck of at least one hostage during the ordeal.


Kendall says certain criteria needs to be in place for a crime to be considered a federal crime. That criteria can include when a crime is committed across state lines which includes bank robberies because the money crosses state lines.

Kendall gives credit to law enforcement for how they handled the situation with everyone being able to walk out of the Wells Fargo building alive including McNeary.  Kendall says "there were certainly opportunities that it may not have ended like that". She says she was called to the scene last Thursday night  in large part to collect information for the complaint and it became a very long day and night for her and her staff.  She is thankful for the cooperation with St. Cloud Police, and the St. Cloud FBI agents.

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