ST. CLOUD -- After 18 years, thousands of students and countless memories, Principal of Cathedral High School, Lynn Grewing, is saying goodbye.

Grewing will be retiring at the end of June. She says she's seen a lot of changes at Cathedral. Grewing says one of the biggest accomplishments she's proud of is the integration of technology into Cathedral's education.

"When I started here we had one small computer lab. All 700 students utilized it when they could. And now here we are in 2018, and every student in Cathedral has a mac book air."

Even with the advances in technology, Grewing says nothing is a substitute for teacher-student relationships. Saying she's proud they've been able to maintain that aspect of their school.

"The best education happens between a good teacher and a student in a classroom. I'll never agree that teaching and learning can happen completely via a computer. It's still ultimately between a teacher and student."

Grewing has built thousands of memories inside the walls of Cathedral over the years. She says one that stands out the most to her, the day our nation was attacked on September 11, 2001.

"We came together as a community and prayed together. I won't ever forget that. That's what we do here at Cathedral, we recognize prayer is an answer to really tragic events and celebratory events."

She looks forward to Cathedral's future, especially with the new building plans in the works.

Don't think that Grewing is slowing down completely in retirement. While she plans to take the rest of the summer off, she may look to stay involved with education starting again in the fall. However, this time with a position that involves "a little less stress than a principal's job".

Other than that, she's looking forward to spending time with her husband, and five grandchildren.

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