Major John Donovan, whom I interview monthly on WJON for The Recovery Community Network, has just released his first book, entitled, "A Soldier's Recovery Journey; A Collection of Over 50 Essays on Youth, War and Recovery.

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Major Donovan goes above and beyond in helping individuals on the road to recovery, by providing them with information and resources that are positive; giving people the courage to move forward to a life of recovery, which IS possible.


Sometimes we all tend to hear the negative stories of people who started a road to recovery, only to fall by the wayside. Everyone's journey is different, and through  The Recovery Community Network's website, the organization offers great information and resources for those wanting a life in recovery.

Today, I'll be interviewing Major John Donovan at 1040 am about his book that is now available. If you would like to ask Major Donovan questions about his book, please send your questions to me before 10:40 am this morning, to

You can also find more information on their Facebook page by clicking HERE now.

The Recovery Community Network offers:

  • Certified Peer Recovery Specialists providing services free of charge, as well as promoting recovery through peer to peer services, and providing specific help to Veterans in our community as well.
  • Monthly meetings for those in recovers: There are a multitude of different meetings everyday of the week for those in our community that are needing the help. The meetings are varied for all age groups, some just for teens, women and men. Some for Veterans.


If you would like more information about RCC, you can call 320.428.1887, or send a message to


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