Wednesday morning last week, we finally slept in. Two days of fishing and staying up late chatting with friends was a blast, as well as exhausting.  Day three, we had a great fish fry at noon, made by our wonderful hosts Todd and Ronda Wohl, and then we proceeded to head in to Crosslake and Crosby to visit some of the breweries in the area. We were only a 10-15 minutes from each location, so it was a perfect day to take a little day trip.

The first stop was Cuyuna Brewing Company in Crosby.  They had a great selection of tasty beverages that Darin and I both enjoyed, and we even brought some home for our friends to try.

Kelly Cordes

Lots of people have asked the question, since the brewery is in Crosby, why didn't they name it Crosby Brewing Company?  The answer is given on their website. The area has been known around the world as Cuyuna, so they thought it would be best fitted to call it Cuyuna Brewing Company instead.

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Kelly Cordes

Our next stop was in Crosslake. We visited 14 Lakes Craft Brewing Company.


Kelly Cordes

14 Lakes gets its' name from the areas  Whitefish Chain Of Lakes, which guessed it...14 Lakes all chained together.   14 Lakes allows dogs, they allow you to bring outside food in, they sell growlers, and they also have a variety of things like T shirts, hats, glasswear, stickers, candles and snacks.

After our visit to 14 Lakes we headed back to Merrifield for the night, and headed home Thursday. It wasn't the end of our vacation though. You'll have to wait and see what we did next on Friday and Saturday. There's more to come. Are you taking notes? Getting ideas for your next trip to the north? We hope so.


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