Election Day 2012 is November 6th.

Are you registered to vote?  If you are, you can make sure your registration is in order and find your polling place.  You can even see what will be on your ballot.

If you aren't registered to vote yet, no problem.  Registering to vote in Minnesota is fast and easy.

Who Can Vote?
To be eligible to vote in Minnesota, you have to be a U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old on Election Day, and a Minnesota resident for the 20 days right before the Election. You can't vote if you're a felon unless you have that record discharged, expired or completed. You also can't vote if your voting rights have been revoked by the state.

Registering to Vote in Minnesota
You can register to vote up until 20 days before an election by filling out a Voter Registration Application.  You can do it right now, using an easy-to-use interactive .pdf form.

Same Day Registration
If you don't register at least 20 days before Election Day, no problem -- you can register at your precinct polling place.  Take a look at the application so you know what information you'll need to register.

Special Circumstances
If you have special circumstances that aren't covered here, you can be sure the Minnesota Secretary of State's website can help.