Yay! You wrote a great dating profile, you have had a series of very successful dates and now you’re an official couple. It’s on Facebook and everything! Now, here’s what not to do so you don’t become “that couple”. 

The Schmoopie phase of every relationship is always fun. You love spending time together, but whatever you do, please don’t bail on your friends. You make plans and then flake out at the last second because your honey doesn’t want to go or can’t go or wasn’t invited. Whatever the reason, don’t forget about your friends. I’ve had to deal with this in the past with one friend in particular and it was extremely irritating. I didn’t see her for months at a time because she spent all her time with her boyfriend. We literally had to have an intervention. Everyone knows that you’re going to be less available when you’re in a relationship, but remember to have a life outside of the two of you.

An endless parade of Instagram selfies where you’re kissing, syruppy sweet Facebook status updates professing your love for one another; your Twitter profile picture is the two of you making out. Ugh. So, why must you always publicly profess your love for one another? Your relationship is between the two of you. Stick post-its on the bathroom mirror, or send a sweet text message and keep it private.

You're in a relationship with someone that makes you happy. That's wonderful, but resist the urge to try and set up all your single friends. If you know someone that your friend would like, or if they ask, then it's OK, but don't do an unsolicited blind date set up because you think everyone should be dating someone. Some of us are happy to be single, so please don't assume that everyone needs to be in a relationship because you are.