AUSTIN (WJON News) -- With March Madness soon upon us the debate on the acceptability of double-dipping chips is sure to come up. Hormel may have answered that debate with its new "Double Dippable Chips."

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Hormel via YouTube
Hormel via YouTube

The Austin, Minnesota company launched the breakable chips this week. The one-of-a-kind chips have a perforation down the center which allows them to break in two halves and be redippable. Starting on March 18th chip and dip lovers can enter a contest to win a Chili Double Dip Kit which includes a big of the new "Double Dippable Chips."

Hormel Foods Corporation

Chili Brand Manager Jason Horn says given that the idea of double-dipping is a polarizing topic Hormel thought it would be fun to create a chip that could satisfy both sides and keep people dipping.



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