Generally one doesn't have to deny rumors of someone having pooped in their shoe, but that is exactly where Minneapolis-born former NBA player Devean George is. George has recently commented on a story from a podcast regarding his shoe and the Big Diesel Shaquille O'Neal when the two were teammates on the Lakers in the early 2000s.

I personally never had heard about this before until I saw this post from Vibe.

TMZ caught up with the former Augsburg guard at an airport and asked him about the rumor/story that Shaq took a deuce in his shoe, and you can see Devean almost panicked when asked about it.

(Note there is some language in this video that might not be suitable for work or kids)

The story that was told on a podcast was that Devean forgot to bring doughnuts one morning, and Shaq warned him that he was going to get him. Then supposedly Shaq before a game grabbed one of George's shoes and went into a stall and came out and put the shoe back.

Yeah, I am unsure of whom to believe the podcast story from 22 years ago and former NBA Coach Tyronn Lue or the supposed victim of the prank. I mean if it had happened to me, I wouldn't admit to it! But if it did happen, it's also really sad that someone thought it was acceptable to do.

You can hear the story on the podcast below, you should note that both videos use some adult language so you might want to listen to it with headphones on or not at work or around impressionable kids.

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