ST. CLOUD -- Central Minnesotans got to see quite the show at Halenbeck Hall on Wednesday night as the Harlem Globetrotters and their rivals, the Washington Generals came to town.

The stop was one of many on their Fan Powered World Tour. Dizzy English says the tour brings even more fan engagement which the group is already famous for.

We interact more with the fans. We’ve got our fan meters to go off every time the crowd gets loud.


He has been traveling with the team for eight years and says his favorite part of the job is interacting with kids.

I try to pick either one kid that has my jersey on or one kid that’s just smiling at me and just wants me to look back at them. So I tend to give them a wink or a smile to just let them know I see them, and just to make their day.


During various parts of the game kids, and adult fans were invited to participate in skits and activities. Also featured in the show were mascot Globie and the Flying Globies trampoline dunk team.

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