WAITE PARK -- Anton's Restaurant in Waite Park is perhaps best known for its prohibition history which stems back to the early 20th Century.

It's rumored the building was the stomping ground for famous gangsters such as Al Capone.

In 1973 Anton "Tony" Gaetz and his wife Lorraine bought the property which was formerly Bricky's. Bricky's was a speakeasy and part of Woodland Lodge, a small cabin resort.

Tony and Lorraine Gaetz had five children who also helped run the day to day operations of the restaurant.

Co-owner, Betzy Gaetz says when her parents owned the restaurant she did various jobs along with her older siblings including washing dishes.

Anton's displays the still that was used during prohibition to create Minnesota 13 Moonshine in the front lobby.

Betzy says she thinks bootlegging was accepted by community members and law enforcement because she's heard stories of locals having drinks next to the former sheriff.

The restaurant is decorated with pictures and artifacts from the early 1900's, each with it's own story to tell. Betzy says the building holds memories for many people in the community.

Betzy says she remembers her mother collecting mementos like the former city hall building sign which is displayed above the speakeasy lounge.

Some of the tables are decorated to look like wagon carriages.  If you look close enough you'll most likely see love messages written by couples who have shared their first dates there. Betzy says she's had people specifically come to Anton's for these booths.

Today Anton's continues to be a family business owned by Tony and Lorraine's five children who maintain the integrity and history of the building.

See a video of Anton's below.