Photo: U.S. Food and Drug Administration
Photo: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

ST. CLOUD -- Your favorite foods will soon be equipped with new and possibly easier to follow nutrition facts labels.

The Food and Drug Administration announced Friday all nutrition labels will be updated to help make them easier to read.

There are three major changes to the new labels, serving sizes will be updated, the calorie count will be printed in a larger, bold font and an added sugars line will be printed below the total sugars line.

BLEND coordinator John Inkster says these changes will only benefit those who use the labels.

"Here at BLEND we're all about making sure people have the ability to make the healthy choice the easy choice and these changes in the nutrition facts label are helping make that happen."

Inkster says the serving sizes will be changing to better represent the actual amounts people are eating so most serving portions will be going up.

The last major change to label, the added sugars line, will make it easier for people to determine how much natural sugar and added sugar a product has.

Inkster says the sugar totals on the labels will be easier to read in products that have a lot of natural sugar such as fruit.

This is one of the first major updates to the labels since they were created in 1994.

-This story was written with information from the Associated Press-

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