Remember "Fruit by the Foot"? It's allegedly still around, but remember it? Little Caesars Pizza is trying to top Fruit by the Foot with:

Pizza by the Yard

Little Caesars is Testing Pizza! Pizza! by the Yard

What a time to be alive. Someday we'll stop ordering a large pizza, and instead order "two yards of pizza".

Little Caesars is testing their reinvention of the pizza wheel in Virginia and North Carolina. If it's a hit, they'll expand (like our waistlines) nationwide.

The "Pizza! Pizza! By the Yard" is a Detroit-style deep dish pizza (the goodest deep dish style, in my correct opinion) stretched out to 36 inches (my Crosby math has that equaling both 3 feet AND 1 yard) with eight slices of pepperoni pizza and eight slices of 3 Meat Treat pizza.

They're cheating, though.

Instead of a single gloriously cumbersome box, the Pizza! Pizza! By the Yard is served in two boxes.

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Personally, I'm a fan of Little Caesars pizza. I'm a fan of a lot of pizza (even pineapple on pizza). I hope Minnesota gets the Pizza! Pizza! By the Yard so that I can devour an entire yard of pizza for my last meal.

It won't be my last meal because of crimes; it'll be my final meal because I JUST ATE AN ENTIRE YARD OF PIZZA THE HUMAN BODY IS NOT MEANT TO CONSUME AN ENTIRE YARD OF PIZZA.

What a great way to go, though. What do I want on my Tombstone? Pepperoni, jalapenos, garlic, green and red peppers, and - of course - a gross amount of black pepper.


H/T: Chewboom

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