ST. CLOUD -- Family, Friends, and community members gathered today at the Pineview Park BMX race track to show their support for St. Cloud native, Alise Post's fiance Sam Willoughby.

Last month, during a training session Willoughby got in an accident and was left with two fractured vertebrae and no movement below his chest.

After his accident, Post's dad Mark, along with other volunteers decided to hold a benefit race to support Willoughby's road to recovery. Mark says despite the challenges his family has faced, he is grateful for the support.

"They have handled it really well. The first week I was there, Sam was laughing and already focused on recovery. All the support that everyone has been giving has just been amazing." Says Mark Post.

However, Mark is not the only one rooting for the couple. Nick Campbell is a family friend to the Post family. He says Alise and her fiance Sam have dedicated their life to this sport, and this their way of giving back to them.

Alise and Sam. Photot provided by Mark Post.
Alise and Sam. Photo provided by Mark Post.

"I have a daughter who started racing when she was six and she's now 13. I can't say we would still be in the sport if we didn't have those types of role models. So it's time to get behind them" says Campbell.

Despite the challenges and setback Post and her fiance are facing, Mark says the couple's goal is to still get married on April 15th.

If you would like to go and show your support, there is still time. Mark says they plan to be at the park for the rest of the day. In addition to the benefit, they will hold a silent auction and spaghetti dinner with proceeds going to the Strength for 91.

Mark says their goal is to raise $20,0000.

Alise Post and her fiance Sam Willoughby. Photo provided by Mark Post.
Alise Post and her fiance Sam Willoughby. Photo provided by Mark Post.