Ever been put on the spot to answer a pretty straightforward question, but when you go to answer your brain and mouth aren't working together? This actually happens all the time! One Minnesota weather guy had that happen and unfortunately, this moment is now being shared online.

KAAL-TV in Rochester has an early morning news program that precedes Good Morning America. The meteorologist, Jim Peterson, has been on mornings for the last several years, and when he was asked about his favorite candy, he uttered the word Snikies.

After some laughter from Peterson and the morning anchor, Devin Martin, Peterson explained that he seemed to have combined the words easy and Snickers together in his mind. It just fell out rather than the answer he wanted to give which was "Easy Snickers" but instead he created a candy and a word on-air.

While a Snikies bar doesn't exist...yet it's still fun to watch the minor flub from Jim, and it seems like he is taking it all alright with the social media shares.

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