ST. CLOUD -- A bill designed to help St. Cloud workers after Electrolux closes is being pitched at the capitol.

State Representative Jim Knoblach drafted the legislation which would provide $650,000 in funding for Career Solutions of St. Cloud. The funding would be used for retraining dislocated workers in similar fields including computer literacy, GED achievement and training in manufacturing and construction.

Knoblach says the bill will give laid-off Electrolux employees more time to train for a new position.

"This bill will help ensure that those being laid off by Electrolux have as much time as possible to get training for a new job. By getting an early start now we can hopefully have employees trained to start new good jobs when the plant closes at the end of 2019."

Funding would come from the dislocated worker program. The bill is expected to be presented in its first House hearing Wednesday in front of the Jobs Committee.

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