We all know it's a lot more expensive to eat at restaurants these days. The impact of Covid, rising grocery prices, higher labor costs -- they've all worked to drive up prices.

But not just for sit-down places.

Fast food prices have soared in recent years, too. And it's cut into business. So much so, chains like Wendy's is offering a variety of "$5 Biggie Bag Meal Deals" which include a sandwich, chicken nuggets, fries and soft drink.

Now, sources are telling a number of national financial news outlets that McDonald's is considering a $5 meal deal to get all of us -- who are tired of inflationary food prices -- back to the Golden Arches. And more often.

The reports are McDonald's is thinking about bundling either a McDouble or a McChicken sandwich with a 4-piece McNugget, small fry and small soft drink.

Prices vary, but the national individual prices of those items are over $15, so a $5 boxed meal is a huge value.

But it's not McDonald's being nice to its customers. It's a company recognizing that its core customers are getting priced-out-of-the-fast-food-market. Or at least consumers THINK it's too expensive to eat there with any frequency.

Think about it. Busy parents running kids to after-school activities where time is a premium can stop at Mickey D's for a quick meal. Mom, Dad and two teens could eat for $20 and tax in a $5 Meal Deal world. Without it, the same food ala carte would run closer to $65 before tax. Who can afford to do that very often?

And if Wendy's is already doing it, McDonald's will feel compelled to do something similar to prevent market loss.

Stay tuned.

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