On my way to work today, I was telling myself...I need to drink more water.  More water means clearer mind, cleaner body, hydration. This is always my thought pattern before I arrive at the office.  However, once I get into the swing of working, I hardly take a break to do anything outside of working...especially to sit down and drink water...Water....What's that?  Have I made that high on my priority list?  So NOT.   Somewhere in the back of my mind, I realize the importance of good nutrition and hydration is a big part of living a healthy lifestyle.  So....I found these helpful tips that I'm hoping will trigger me into action to drink the healthy stuff....Maybe these ideas will work for you too!




Tip 1:  Think about drinking just ONE MORE glass of water today

Drink just one more glass of water a day. Sounds easy enough right? But if you’re struggling to take in enough H20, this one little thought might get you on the road to hydration.  One more glass, rather than drinking 50 thousand glasses a day....Seems doable, and might help you increase your intake as the days go by.

Tip 2:  Add your own flavor

I get tired of water.  Blah blah blah..boring water. However,  instead of using the flavoring agents you see in stores, opt for something more natural—like watermelon chunks, adding lemon, or orange slices. The longer you let the water and fruit combination sit in your fridge, the more flavorful the water will become.  Prepare some water with orange slices the night before, so your water treat will be extra satisfying the next day.

Tip 3: Have some spicy foods

What better way to put out a fire than with water right?  Heat it up!  Since hot peppers have been shown to speed up your metabolism,  maybe try adding some peppers to your plate...crushed, or maybe in a salad.  If your mouth is hot, it will probably send an alarm to pour on the water!

Tip 4:  Use your phone

Disclaimer:  Don't pour water in your phone....  If you rely on your phone for just about everything...Then give it this important duty.  Download an app, like "Waterlogged" to help you remember to drink water throughout the day.  Or if you hate electronic media and phones...put up some sticky notes in places you can't avoid looking.  You'll either have to read the note and do something about it...or throw the note in the garbage and ignore your own personal nagging.  The choice is yours.

Tip 5:  Get a filter

If you hate the taste of your water at home, try getting a filter, and keep filtered cold delicious water in the fridge and don't forget to drink some of it.

Tip 6:  Keep a water bottle at your office

If you’re stuck at your desk all day or on the road traveling for hours, you’re not going to make it a priority to go get water very often.  Always keep a big tumbler of water on your desk or a water bottle in your bag so you have no excuse. And if you work at a desk, leave the cup in plain sight so you’re constantly reminded.

Tip 7:  Be prepared at the gym

If you head to the gym without a water bottle, you’re not going to pause at the treadmill every few minutes to get a drink, so come to the gym prepared with your water bottle in hand.  You'll feel more like a "regular" that knows what they're doing at the gym. (Only gym virgins don't bring their water bottles. Duh)!

Tip 8:  Think of your wallet

This is a great idea!  Make a pact to only order water at restaurants!  No drinks!  You'll not only save on calories..but you'll save  BIG on dollars!  Drinks are typically high priced at restaurants, so dropping the drinks makes sense. Just make sure to ask for tap instead of bottled.  Bottled water is still going to cost you money, so if you ask for tap, you should get water for free.

Tip 9:  Eat your water

You can technically hydrate with water-rich foods:  Cucumbers, melons, celery or even soup with a light broth can help you in getting the water your body needs.

Tip 10:  Consider it an appetizer

According to many studies, drinking 16 ounces of water, like whats in a typical water bottle, before meals can help you lose weight!  Yeah!  Just knowing that drinking up can help you eat less should be enough motivation to grab a glass of water.  So think about that great weight loss, and drink away.

Tip 11:  Make it a part of your night out

Weekends or evenings over cocktails can truly ruin a persons planned calorie intake, but it can also dehydrate the body.  Make it a habit to always drink at least one more glass of water before bed when you get home. Not only will it help you rehydrate after drinking, it might also keep you from having a hangover...Or at least, improve the hangover to "bearable."  It will also help you get cleanse out toxins.