ST. CLOUD - The downtown St. Cloud Bo Diddley's will be closing its doors on April 11th and the potential minimum wage hike seems to be playing a large factor in the decision.

John Forsythe, who owns the three Bo Diddley's restaurants says the store will be closing down due to several factors. The downtown location is too large of a space in relation to rent and prices, Forsythe adds that the potential minimum wage hike played a large factor in the decision to close the store.

"The notion that businesses are raking it in and can simply pay employees double simply isn't true," Forsythe says.

Forsythe adds that his store partners also wanted to get out due to a lack of profits at the location and that the intersection lost with the division street redo played a part in closing the store.

Due to the downtown location closing, Forsythe plans to expand the location at 129-25th Avenue South this summer and would like to double the seating at the restaurant, pending city approval.

Forsythe adds that cribbage and folk music nights would also be moved to that location, and that he's proud of the atmosphere those events bring.

'We're proud of the culture that both of these groups and events provide," Forsythe says.

Bo Diddley's Pub and Deli was first established in 1981 in St. Joseph and is known for its award winning sandwiches.