ST. CLOUD -- A crowd of citizens, concerned for their Second Amendment rights, held a rally this (Saturday) afternoon on the steps of the Stearns County Courthouse. A group of what event organizers estimate at 400 people came together to voice their frustrations over state and federal proposals to limit guns and ammunition.

Speakers at the rally label President Obama as the "greatest gun salesman, ever" and say the issue "is not about needs, it's about rights." Event attendee, Steve Baklaich says the Second Amendment is key to preserving the Constitution and liberty.

Like past Tea Party events, the rally featured a variety of home-made signs. Organizers say it is a perfect example of grass-roots. Travis Goerger says he helped create the event because he is tired of the direction the country is heading.

Goerger says frustration exists because gun proposals don't address the real issues.

The event was part of the national "Day of Resistance" movement.