ST. CLOUD -- St. Cloud Cathedral boys hockey team and the St. Cloud Co-op hockey team will share the ice on Hockey Day Minnesota when they face off.

Though the teams have played each other before, there is a different excitement around the game according to Cathedral senior Jeron Hirschfeld.

"It's a big deal in Minnesota but the way the rink is set up, playing outdoors and playing in front of a lot of people makes it that much better."

From the moment they knew they were picked to play on HDM 2018 the team was excited, but senior James Anderson says they had a similar reaction when they found out who their opponent would be.

"I was surprised and excited to learn about playing but I was even more surprised when I saw who we were playing."

The crosstown rivalry is different than most neighboring city rivalries. Most of the guys from each team have played together at some point during their youth careers. So while there will be a desire to have bragging rights, Kevin Hayward says the teams are just excited to play on a big stage against their friends.

"It makes it way more fun. I grew up playing with these guys, there is even some bitterness between us but it's all in good fun and at the end of it we will all be happy."

The teams play on Saturday with puck drop at 10:00 a.m. at Lake George.

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