ST. CLOUD - For coin collectors, history is just a part of the job.

To the untrained eye it may have just seemed like a room full of coins at the Midtown Square Mall. To the collectors it's the ability to hold a piece of American or world history in their hands.

Coin shows are a unique opportunity for people to add to their collections, or dealers to add to theirs.

At the show you could find collectors who had compiled the state quarters, Buffalo Nickels, and even currency from all around the world. Most of the coins were from the last 200 years, but every now and then, ancient coins make their way into the show.

While at the show, Central Lakes Coins Owners Todd and Ray Gylsen, held a few pieces of world history. One such piece is now part of their growing collection.

They are now the owners of a gold coin traced to India and dating back to sometime during the middle kingdoms 1100 - 1327 A.D.

The two took their early passion for coin collecting and turned it into a business. The brothers said they like coming to the shows because it gives them a chance to meet collectors and have opportunities to buy rare pieces.

"We like going to a lot of shows because we can meet face to face with a lot of people.  We meet a lot of people bringing us stuff for us look at, or people who want to buy stuff from us."

Coins like the one they bought at the show come with a history all to themselves. You never know where the coin has been, or who's hands it may have passed through on its journey from India to St. Cloud over the past nearly 1,000 years.

Todd Of Central Lakes Coins in Glenwood and a coin from ancient India. By Justin LaBounty
Todd Of Central Lakes Coins in Glenwood and a coin from ancient India. Justin LaBounty, WJON

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