ST. PAUL -- A Clear Lake deer farm is one of two Minnesota deer farms that received animals from a Wisconsin farm where chronic wasting disease was discovered last month.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources says the Clear Lake location received three deer from the Wisconsin farm in the fall of 2017. Two of those animals were killed in early 2021 and no chronic wasting disease was detected. A third deer is still alive and the owner is awaiting payment before making the animal available for testing.

The Clear Lake herd is also quarantined.

The other deer farm was in Stillwater, where two deer were received. That farm is now out of business and those animals were transferred to a farm in Grand Meadow, Minnesota. The deer were then transferred to a Wisconsin farm in 2019 when the Grand Meadow farm went out of business.

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The DNR says a report in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel shows the Wisconsin farm sold nearly 400 deer to 40 farms across seven states in the past five years.

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