LONG PRAIRIE - In today's installment of "Made in Central Minnesota," we bring you a business so unique, the owners had to create a new word in order to name it.


The Leatherwood Vinegary is a cozy, in-home business outside of Long Prairie, which, as the name suggests, makes and sells around 50 varieties of fruit and herb-flavored wine vinegars.

Nancy Leasman runs the business along with her husband Ron. A former registered nurse and self-described "foodie," Leasman is in charge of growing the fruits, vegetables and herbs that go into each batch.

Leasman says they begin the process by making wine, allow the wine to convert to vinegar over the course of  6 to 8 months, and then infuse it with herbs. Leasman says the result is a collection of different flavors that can compliment a variety of foods.

Not only do the Leasmans grow most of their ingredients, but they happen to be the only vinegar maker in the United States to create their own wine.

Leasman says the business has remained economically prudent, as she and her husband take care of every aspect of their work as a team.

This detail in the design has paid off for them. Leasman has written and published a book on the art of vinegar -making, and says they have sold and shipped their products all around the world.

The Leatherwood Vinegary is located along County Road 80, about 5 miles outside of Long Prairie. Tours are available by calling the Leasmans at 320-732-2879.