SARTELL -- Sartell moves one step closer to constructing it's community center.

During tonight's (Monday) city council meeting, the council awarded a 10,946,111 construction bid for the project, which is under their $11-million budget.

Along with approving bid the council also approved seven alternatives to the project recommended by Construction Manager Bob Strack. He says since original bids came under budget there was some flexibility to make some improvements in other areas of the project.

"When we put out projects for bid, if there are things that we like but can't afford them we put them as alternates so when we received the bids it gives us the flexibility to choose what we want if we can afford it," says Strack.

Strack says there are some remaining alternatives they didn't ask for approval because it would have put them over budget. He says they plan to re-bid and bring back for council approval.

"The alternatives we are holding do not impact the schedule or the project. We can build them without and see where the budget comes in with some other things and add them later," says Strack.

The project drew a lot of interest attracting 93 bidders and ranged between $8,029,547 to $10,190,603.

Finally, the city approved Ehlers & Associates of Roseville to handle the sale of bonds for construction of the project, which will be brought back for final approval at the July 11th meeting.

The community center will include a senior center, learning and innovation center, multi-purpose rooms, three full size gymnasiums, a second floor walking track, locker rooms, and space for future growth.

Construction on the 53,000 square-foot facility could take place by August 1st.


(Photo: HMA Architects)
(Photo: HMA Architects)