ST. CLOUD -- The St. Cloud Prison recently received some disappointing news in terms of bonding for the next biennium that could put some renovation plans on hold.

The Intake Area is in need of an update to help maintain safety and security during their continuous flow of more than 300 new prisoners each month.

Governor Mark Dayton proposed a $31 million allocation to the St. Cloud Prison in his bonding bill to update their health care intake center.

The bill failed to win a super majority vote in the House for the 2nd year in-a-row.

Despite the bad news, the facility doesn't show signs of putting all updates on hold. St. Cloud Prison warden, Collin Gau says the facility is working on getting more security cameras.

"We're in the middle of installing about 250 to 275 additional cameras to improve our security in our living units."

As for programming, the prison wants to continue with their two main vocational training programs in both barbering and masonry.

Gau says, "Both of those programs are excellent. We've had very good placement rates...when people complete those programs they are able to get jobs in the community in that line of work."

The correctional facility hopes to get funding for their major updates next year so they can keep up with their future needs.

See a video of the St. Cloud Prison below.