ST. CLOUD -- Halloween is a busy time in the bar industry and with Halloween falling on Saturday this year, saloon owners are gearing up for an onslaught off zombies, pirates and super heroes.

Stephen Kremer is Manager at Howie's Sports Bar in downtown St. Cloud and is also current President of the St. Cloud Hospitality Association. He says with patrons dressed in costume, staff need to be extra diligent about "carding" customers.  He says patrons with a mask on will be asked to take off the mask.  He says if patrons are wearing make-up, they will ask for two forms of picture I.D.

Kremer says despite the Halloween revelers, they haven't had many problems over the years.

Numerous bars are members of the Hospitality Association and they have access to cab vouchers worth $7.50 toward their fare as long as the ride is to go home.  Kremer says they are always offering cab vouchers to patrons in an effort to provide everyone a safe ride home.

Kremer says Halloween means good business for bars and he says it's fun for staff too because everyone is out having a good time.

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