ST. CLOUD -- Area hiring managers spoke about the frustrations of finding and keeping employees yesterday at the Great River Regional Library.

The Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry hosted the event to promote the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline.

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The Pipeline helps develop programs that combine on-the-job training with related academic instruction so a new employee has an opportunity to earn degrees or certifications while employed and working. The pipeline works in four in-demand fields – manufacturing, agriculture, health care, and I.T. Grants are available for businesses to develop specialized training programs.

Director James Honerman explains the listening sessions help develop new programs in the pipeline.

Minnesota dual training pipeline is an initiative at the state's Department of Labor and Industry, to help employers meet their workforce needs through “Earn and Learn” training; pairing on-the-job training with some formal education. Our purpose for doing these community conversations around the state is to both share information about our program, and then to hear from folks in the community. What are your workforce needs? What are your challenges? How can we work with employers in the area, with education institutions in the area, to come together to help address those critical workforce needs?

During the meeting, hiring managers mentioned the struggles not only in attracting potential employees to apply for jobs but also in finding childcare and affordable housing once the employee is hired. While there is an employee shortage across all industries, maintenance technicians and all health care workers were mentioned as an acute need.

For more information on the Minnesota Dual-Training Pipeline, click here.

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