FOLEY - This week on 'Your Town Tuesday' we were up in Foley, and with the hot summer days just around the corner there was no better place to start than the local swimming pool.

Mark Pappenfus, the Foley Public Works Director says it is a very unique thing to have in Foley. He went on to say

"You know very few communities have an outdoor pool. and it's something that Foley is known for"

The Foley Municipal pool has been freshly painted, filled with water, and chemically tested to make sure that it is ready for all the fun the pool brings to the community. Not only is there open swim all summer long, but Pappenfus says there are swimming lessons in the morning during June and July, and that this pool in Foley is always busy.

One of the reasons for all of the people is that the pool not only draws people and kids from Foley, but from surrounding communities as well. Pappenfus says

"You know Foley doesn't have as many other things, and it's something that Foley is known for. A lot of out of town people come here."

The Foley Municipal Pool opens up tomorrow (Wednesday) to the public.

During my travels around town, I kept getting sent to one person to learn more about the town of Foley. Dave Mosford of Mosford Farm and Supply has lived in Foley the majority of his life. He did spend some time working for John Deere tractor factory in Waterloo, Iowa after graduating college, but after an offer from his father, he had to move back to Foley. Mosford remembers that moment.

"He came down to Waterloo and said that I have an empty building in town, if you want to rent it or buy it or whatever it is available to you."

Mosford says that there is only one reason for his successful  business.

"I always give people what they pay for. I never try to sell them a product that I don't think they will be satisfied with. When I sell a product, it's a product that I would normally buy for myself or use for myself."

Even when Mosford was young it seemed that others would stand behind him.

"I've been accused of being a leader. That goes back to the days when I was in high school and I was elected as captain of the basketball team."

On my way out of town I couldn't help but notice tin men on the side of the road. Tom Henry started building the tin men five years ago and according to him, he did it in honor of his mother.

"She would have gotten the biggest kick out of the first one. And it kind of went from there when I did the first one. Then everyone said there's my wife and my daughter,  you've got to have two more, so that's why I made the next two."

Henry continued to build a fourth tin man last winter, and says that they have been a big hit. He and his family love them and have plans to build more in the future.

Be sure to check back for more of 'Your Town Tuesday' as we feature more communities in our area as we show you what makes them special and unique to Central Minnesota.