AVON - This week in our "Your Town Tuesday" series, we're featuring the town of Avon.

The Avon elementary school is part of the Albany school district.

Jean Weis-Clough has been the principal at the school for 15 years.

She says they're adding a portable classroom, to accommodate their music and band program. She says they have about 425 students in kindergarten through 6th grade, with a growing enrollment.

Weis-Clough says, even though it's summer, the building is still a busy place, "We have what we call Kids Company. It's a child daycare in a sense for school age children through our community ed. That's very busy. They have over 80 students. And also we have Learning Adventures, where students K-5 can come in to school and work on their math and reading programs".

Weis-Clough says several staff are also busy cleaning, and switching rooms.

Weis-Clough says one of the highlights for the students in the spring of every year is their bike ride on the Lake Wobegon Trail, "so the whole day we ride bike. Grades 4-6 ride to the Dairy Queen in Albany, and ride back. Second grand and Third grade ride for about 15 minutes to St. Joe and back, and their Dairy Queen is here at school for them. And Kindergarten and 1st grade have a bike rodeo".

Weis-Clough says the school also enjoys a close relationship with St. Cloud State University, The College of St. Benedict, and St. John's University with their student teacher programs.

She says a big focus for the next school year will be the bullying issue. The school board is working on a district-wide policy, based on the recently passed state legislation.

Next week in our "Your Town Tuesday" series, we're going to be focusing on the town of Albany.

Avon Principal Jean Weis-Clough. Photo by WJON.com's Jim Maurice