As if being worried about sharks in the ocean isn't enough, now, thanks to the SyFy network, we have to be worried about a Sharknado happening. Yes. Sharks in Tornadoes.

Good thing this Australian company has come up with a shark repelling wetsuit. Shark Attack Mitigation Systems (S.A.M.S. for short) and The University of Western Austrailia have teamed up to create two distinct wetsuits that serve two different purposes. One that blinds and repels the flesh-monkey munching monsters and the other purportedly "hides" you from view.

These two suits are pretty amazing if they actually do what the designers say they do, and even if they don't, you'll totally look like a superhero ready to battle villains in them.

The other cool thing? Two of the guys in the video have the most awesome Aussie names ever: Hammish Jolly and Bob Lushy. Thank you Oz for just being you.