My wife and I ordered delivery from a well known national burrito chain located near the SCSU campus. You can probably guess which one.

The burrito was fairly spendy and the delivery took nearly 30 minutes longer than the estimated time that was given when we placed the order. That's just the cost of doing business at this point I guess, so I wasn't upset about it. It seems like everyone is running behind lately, whether due to staff shortages, supply shortages or both.

What I wasn't prepared for, however, was just how TINY my burrito was. It has been a few years since I have eaten at this restaurant, but I remember the burritos being MUCH bigger. This one was more egg roll than burrito.

I gotta say I was pretty disappointed, but I still ate it. It was delicious. But, unlike burritos in years past, there were no leftovers. More accurately, I didn't have to sit there for fifteen minutes trying to get my stomach to convince itself that it could fit just a few more bites.

It's kind of weird. On one hand, what I got was plenty of food and filled me up for lunch. But. on the other hand, I didn't really get what I thought I paid for based on what I have received in the past.

We reached out to the restuarant about the issue. Don't worry, as long as we spend even more money they will make it right!

Thank you for reaching out. We’re always looking to make things right. Sorry to hear that your portion sizes weren't what you hoped. I've looped in our team leaders at St. Cloud so they're aware of what happened. We want to ensure that your favorites are being served with filling portions just the way you like them. I’ve added one BOGO offer (buy one main menu item, get one free) to the rewards section of your account for you to use within the next 30 days. You can use it on any online order or you can scan the code to redeem in-store.


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