Thanks to the knowledgeable people over at Farm Direct Minnesota, I learned yesterday that to sell mushrooms you find in Minnesota, you need to be a registered and certified wild mushroom hunter. So rather than putting yourself or your family at risk, make sure you're buying from someone who knows what they are selling.

If you are a cottage food producer, or you own and operate a farm and are looking to sell items, or are a consumer looking for something direct from a farm here in Minnesota, you should think about joining this page, as I am ALWAYS finding something new, or interesting that is being discussed or sold.

I saw a social media post pop-up in my feed from the mind behind Farm Direct Minnesota, Sazzy Lee Varga, that made me want to read more about why only dealing with a certified mushroom hunter is the way to go when you are buying mushrooms.

Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM Screengrab
Image Credit: Paul Shea/TSM Screengrab

Got Mushrooms??? Please remember unless you just picking for yourself, to sell them, you need to be registered as a certified wild mushroom harvester and have completed a wild mushroom identification training program provided by an accredited college university, or state mycological society. It keeps your buyers safe! Many mushrooms can look alike.

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I found that the state of Minnesota has an online database that allows you to look up those certified in hunting and harvesting wild mushrooms, and you can also see what they are certified in, which is a very helpful tool to make sure you are keeping not only yourself but your family safe.

To go along with the certification the state has a statute that makes being certified a law, according to Minnesota's Food Code.

              ---------------------EDIT/CORRECTION 9/27 6:00AM-------------------------

Kathy Zeman with the Minnesota's Farmers Market Association emailed a correction to the above post, below is the correction:

MDA confirmed again today that the Minnesota Rule 4626.0155 requiring harvesters of wild mushrooms to obtain that certification is ONLY mandated for sales to "retail food establishments." The term food establishment is defined here in Minnesota Rule 4626.0200. A person harvesting wild mushrooms from their own land does not require that certification to sell directly to consumers; for example, at a farmers' market; but would need the certification to sell wholesale to a grocery store, restaurant, etc.

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