I remember being a kid when my older brother went off to boot camp and was eventually stationed in Germany.  He said he was driving or maybe just riding in tanks.  I don't remember which exactly, but either way, it did sound pretty cool.

If you have ever wondered wha that would be like, but you aren't necessarily military bound, here is your chance to check that experience out.

There is a company located in Southern Minnesota.  It's called "Drive a Tank" in Kasota, Minnesota.  It's a small town just North of Mankato, but South of Le Sueur.  So, an easy drive from St. Cloud.

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If you aren't sure what you'd like to do, or what degree you would like to take your "tank experience" to, there are several packages to choose from.  All at different levels and price options.  These run from 3 Star, 4 Star and 5 Star options.  These each come with their own features and they get more and more intense the further up the ladder you go.  The 5 star option is fairly intense and involved.  They all include a training portion, so it's not like you are going in there blind.  You do have someone there guiding you along in your experience.  If you decide to go with the 5 star option, that one gets a bit pricey.  And it's for two people.  The other levels will allow extra people, but it is also an add on charge.

You will need to call ahead and discuss what you'd like your experience to be and purchase ahead of time.  This allows the employees to prepare what will happen during your time at Drive a Tank.

This might be one of those "bucket list" things that you might want to try if this is your jam.  Or a great "gift" for that "hard to buy for" person who wants something super unique.

Here is one person's experience:

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