WAITE PARK -- There may soon be one less smiling face to greet you as you enter Waite Park.

The Waite Park city council is looking at painting the iconic water tower, however it's unknown if "smiley" will stay or if they repaint it with the new logo or something else.

Mayor Rick Miller says while the council hasn't made an official decision yet, it may be time to say goodbye to "smiley."

"I think it's time to change. It's a 1970s logo and it's served Waite Park well. We've gone through the re-branding process and I think if we're going to change the logos on our stationary we might as well change it on everything."

Last year the city rebranded their tagline from "a city with a smile" to "where Minnesota connects," as well as incorporate a new logo.

To repaint the exterior and interior of the water tower will cost about $700,000. Miller says if they were to repaint it yellow it would be an additional $50,000.

The project will be brought before the council at their September 18th meeting. At that time a decision will be made as to what to paint the iconic water tower.

If approved painting would begin next summer.