WAITE PARK -- The Asteria Inn & Suites in Waite Park will be closed for at least the next three months.

During Monday's meeting, the city council voted 4-1 to revoke the hotel's license for 90 days effective Tuesday at 5:00 p.m.

Council member Vic Schultz voted against the motion, stating he felt the revocation should be longer and follow the city's ordinance. Per Waite Park's hotel ordinance if a hotel license is revoked it would be for a minimum of one-year.

The decision was based off a number of factors such as violations in length of guest stay and building codes, number of police calls and health and safety concerns such as mold in the rooms.

A lawyer for the Asteria addressed the council during a hearing, stating his client bought the property in 2016 and many of the issues occurred before he became owner. He says his client has been working aggressively to fix the issues as contractors have already been working on fixing the roof and a contract has been agreed to with a company to fix the mold issues.

As part of the revocation, the council also move that once the property owner reapplies for a license, the business would be on a nine month probation period with monthly check ups from building and fire inspectors and the Stearns County Environmental Services department to make sure the building is up to standards.

Mayor Rick Miller says all guests need to be off the property while the revocation is in place. The earliest the property owner could apply for a new hotel license would be in September.

The owner of the Asteria declined for comment.