WAITE PARK -- St. Cloud State University will now be responsible for figuring out the best way to grow the undeveloped areas of Waite Park.

Last week the council sat down with SCSU economic professors King Banaian and Rich MacDonald to hear their proposal on how to evaluate the areas in need.

Tonight (Monday) the city council unanimously agreed to partner with the school on a study which will put more focus on economic development.

The land use study will look at the economic growth for the city over the next 10-15 years and try to give the council a vision of where the growing areas are and what developments would be suited for the region.

City Administrator Shaunna Johnson says partnering with SCSU gives a third party perspective and continues to allow for more opportunities for the city.

Funding for the study would cost about $25,000, which has already been budgeted for 2015.

Economic professors, graduate students and undergraduate students will conduct the study over the next year, within a three phase process, providing the council with a rough draft and listen to feedback during the different phases.

A final draft will be presented to the council April 30th 2016.